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Half-time 2020

Half-time doesn’t last very long, but if you’re the team that’s behind, what happens at half-time can turn certain loss into a win.

What happens at half-time?   Four things. We:
catch our breath
commit to executing the adjustments.

Keep Moving Forward

I saw these four footbridges on my walk the other evening, and it occurred to me:

Sometimes it’s more important to keep moving than to have access to my favorite bridge.

I took their pictures to help solidify this metaphor as a reminder.  It’s vital that I keep moving forward and if I need to use a couple of these bridges while I build new ones to my preferred future, I will. 

You’re Obligated

If someone older believed in you, If someone gave you a chance, opened a door and motioned you...

Leadership Best-Practices No. 1

Through the years I've volunteered for or worked alongside some noteworthy leaders. I work hard to emulate their best practices whenever I lead. Lately I've been noting some of those best practices, creating a quick-refresh list so I can keep key operatives at the...

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10 Words to Help You Survive a Disagreement

Disagreements are NO fun.   If everyone thought as you do life would be so much simpler, but they don't. Count on it, there will be differences of opinion at home, work, and with friends.  These ten words will help you navigate the disagreement and help you emerge...

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You're Obligated Several things converged in my thinking last week: Receiving news that a tribute I wrote 8 years ago about one of my high school teachers is still of my blog's most-read posts Observing the success of a couple of proteges after I moved on An acute...

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