You’re Obligated

If someone older believed in you, If someone gave you a chance, opened a door and motioned you through, If you’re grateful they didn’t have to but did, You’re Obligated. Do likewise. Pass the baton....


In roller skating and in business Skate as fast as you can, looking for your next opening. When you see it, dart into it without knocking anyone over. Phil Ransom -

Richard Ransom on Priorities

Soft-spoken, but intensely passionate about the things he held dear, my dad was a wise man. I learned much from him; reluctantly during my teen years but readily as an adult.  These words of his...

When Uncertainty Paralyzes

Who of us hasn't felt the paralysis of not knowing? We know where we'd like to go. We've made careful plans. But the unknown between here and there keeps one foot on the brake. That's when it's good...

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