Clear communication is critical to your success. But it’s easy to lose focus. Multiple demands, each calling “This is important!” can easily postpone writing to a later time when “it’s more convenient”, resulting in rushed work and less than stellar writing.

While available to all, I major in non-profit organizations (churches, schools, etc.).  I do my best to draw your best to the surface, communicating with skill an excellence while you focus on the other functions you must do well as the leader.

  • Your letters to donors need to be warm and inviting while reaching their goals.
  • Your talks and speeches, well-crafted, consistently finding their mark.
  • Your online first impression:  I want to know more!
  • Your press releases, factual and inviting.
  • To Tweet or not to Tweet.  Deciphering the pros and cons, the time investment or energy drain of social media.  When balanced, your company or non-profit can build a strong sense of community, but you have to know why you’re doing what you’re doing – and then do it with excellence.

If it’s just copy you need, I can help you, but it’s even more rewarding to learn how to write your own copy with an encourager looking over your shoulder, cheering you on so you feel the rush of success too!

Need help with concepts?  I’m called an “idea-mill” for good reason.

Let’s talk. How can I help?