Teams. Synergy. Effectiveness.

Where I first heard it I don’t recall, but someone has wisely said about husband – wife teams that if they both agree on absolutely everything, one of them isn’t necessary.   Good point!

The same is true of teams in general, different but complementary skills, working together for success or victory.
Guard. Forward. Center. Basketball win.
Manager. Volunteer. Paid staff. Occupational success.

Peter Drucker, in Managing the Non-Profit Organization said:
The purpose of a team is to make the strengths of each person effective, and his or her weaknesses irrelevant.

Stop for a moment and consider that thought. What teams are you on or have you been on in the past where strengths are made effective and weaknesses irrelevant? How rewarding! How invigorating!    I won’t have you remember the opposite – those are painful memories.

Next, spend a couple of moments today thinking about how you can help the teams you’re on maximize team-members’ strengths to the point that everyone’s inherent weaknesses become irrelevant.

Effective teams are synergistic. Remarkable. Even amazing sometimes.
Do all you can and enjoy the results!

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