It’s a lot like driving in the lane no one’s using right now.

Empty lane, expressway

Yesterday I had a couple of things I needed to discuss with a CEO client.

Not wanting to interrupt a meeting, I politely texted, “Are you free to visit a minute?”
A few seconds later my phone rang.
I answered with “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’!”

We discussed the things I had on my mind. I heard optimism, hope, direction and ambition coming back to me. Laughter sprinkled throughout the conversation confirmed we were thinking alike.

In less time than it would have taken me to craft a solid email, we:

  • addressed my questions
  • explored options and picked the best
  • agreed on why we chose the options we did
  • set direction, and
  • agreed on our next steps.

Calling lets you hear the tone of voice and mood of the other party.
Calling gives you instant feedback on your idea.
Calling tells you right away how the discussion is going, gives you the ability to adjust, compromise, and find the best alternative.

I like to drive in the empty lane when I can, and I prefer to call than email or text.  Adding video to the call includes nonverbal elements, and, of course,
if I can sit across from someone, better still!

So, let the others email and text.
Call.  Enjoy today’s express lane.

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