Cap it. Focus.

As a music major at Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music in the mid 70s, (we just said Griz-boom),  I had frequent contact with Chairman of the Music Department, Roger Rose.  He taught several Bible classes and music classes. He scheduled student song-leaders for the school’s chapel services. He was my vocal coach,

Time for a New Shell

  Years ago one of my sisters had a hermit crab for a pet. We enjoyed watching the little thing move around at certain times of the day, fed it per instructions and watched it grow. We were very careful to have the right size next shell in the mini aquarium for him too.  Because

You’re Obligated

If someone older believed in you, If someone gave you a chance, opened a door and motioned you through, If you’re grateful they didn’t have to but did, You’re Obligated. Do likewise. Pass the baton. If you have future leaders on your team, If you can see beyond this month’s bottom line or the graph

Richard Ransom on Priorities

Soft-spoken, but intensely passionate about the things he held dear, my dad was a wise man. I learned much from him; reluctantly during my teen years but readily as an adult.  These words of his repeatedly bring needed focus into my world, it’s time I share them with you.