Legal pad, pens, lap desk

My Computer Has a Curfew

My computer has a curfew from  9:00 pm through the first 2 hours of the next morning. It’s not in trouble. It’s not grounded, nothing punitive at all. My self-imposed computer curfew boosts my creativity and productivity. The reasons are simple and straightforward. The restriction helps me: avoid mental clutter, because my best ideas frequently

Know Why

Knowing why precedes many of the lesser questions we tend to answer first. Knowing why fuels perseverance and stick-to-itivness when we’d rather go play, take a nap, spend money, or do something fun. Why do you do what you do?

About that inbox …

How’d THAT happen?! It was the easiest thing in the world to drop things in my inbox with the best of intentions. Things to tend to later; one, two, maybe a few at a time. How it happened, I don’t know, exactly, but with zero effort (maybe that’s the problem) it steadily filled to overflowing,

Empty lane, expressway


Call. It’s a lot like driving in the lane no one’s using right now. Yesterday I had a couple of things I needed to discuss with a CEO client. Not wanting to interrupt a meeting, I politely texted, “Are you free to visit a minute?” A few seconds later my phone rang. I answered with

My Mini-Monarchy

One of my 2018 goals is the completion of my book about life-lessons learned from my influencers and those closest to me. Here’s a sneak preview. Enjoy. ______________________ Life was wonderful in grade school. For one, I had teachers who didn’t believe in giving a lot of homework. For two, our house sat right on

Top Qualification

I don’t remember the day but I remember the moment I read that trust is the first prerequisite to earning a new client, even before demonstrated competency. I value Gallup polls and their insights on data gathered. But this one surprised me. They need to know they can trust me even before they know I