Know Why

Knowing why precedes many of the lesser questions we tend to answer first. Knowing why fuels perseverance and stick-to-itivness when we’d rather go play, take a nap, spend money, or do something fun. Why do you do what you do?

About that inbox …

How’d THAT happen?! It was the easiest thing in the world to drop things in my inbox with the best of intentions. Things to tend to later; one, two, maybe a few at a time. How it happened, I don’t know, exactly, but with zero effort (maybe that’s the problem) it steadily filled to overflowing,

Empty lane, expressway


Call. It’s a lot like driving in the lane no one’s using right now. Yesterday I had a couple of things I needed to discuss with a CEO client. Not wanting to interrupt a meeting, I politely texted, “Are you free to visit a minute?” A few seconds later my phone rang. I answered with

My Mini-Monarchy

One of my 2018 goals is the completion of my book about life-lessons learned from my influencers and those closest to me. Here’s a sneak preview. Enjoy. ______________________ Life was wonderful in grade school. For one, I had teachers who didn’t believe in giving a lot of homework. For two, our house sat right on

Top Qualification

I don’t remember the day but I remember the moment I read that trust is the first prerequisite to earning a new client, even before demonstrated competency. I value Gallup polls and their insights on data gathered. But this one surprised me. They need to know they can trust me even before they know I

Cap it. Focus.

As a music major at Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music in the mid 70s, (we just said Griz-boom),  I had frequent contact with Chairman of the Music Department, Roger Rose.  He taught several Bible classes and music classes. He scheduled student song-leaders for the school’s chapel services. He was my vocal coach,

Time for a New Shell

  Years ago one of my sisters had a hermit crab for a pet. We enjoyed watching the little thing move around at certain times of the day, fed it per instructions and watched it grow. We were very careful to have the right size next shell in the mini aquarium for him too.  Because